Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Cadbury's Caramel bunny has turned into a nasty hussy!

Has anybody seen the new Cadbury's Caramel ads that have been about lately? (since a few months, by now)

When I saw these my first reaction was "Wow, holy shit, they made her ugly, she used to be really hot!" My friends all thought I was crazy. I distinctly remembered seeing animated adverts featuring this character and she was much, much more appealing than the horribly made-up tramp pictured above. But nobody else seemed to remember. However, I just saw one of the old ads on Youtube again and now I know I'm not going crazy.

Supposedly this one was first shown in 1980 but it must've been on for years, since I was only born in '86 and I definitely saw this one particular one.
Frankly I'm amazed it didn't turn me into a furry right then and there. God damn. I haven't got sound on this computer but I remember her voice being rather nice, too. Not to mention how good the chocolate looks. (also, bugger me, 17p? Good lord)

It seems you can view ALL the old commercials on the official website too. What a treat! The beaver one is still my favourite, though. She's not as appealing or as well drawn in the others, but still miles ahead of what she's become now.

I'm rather late commenting on the new commercials, but I can't possibly be the only person who thinks they've ruined the character, can I? Am I the only one who sees it?

Also, another treat, here's an old Quavers ad I remember from my youth. Good stuff.

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