Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Quick thoughts because I am tired and short on time but well overdue to make an entry.

  1. Just rewatched the Incredibles, and now realise that I really dislike the character designs, the rendering, and some aspects of the animation, but the following scenes are still awesome:
    • The family argument over dinner near the beginning. Dash's running round the table slapping Violet cracks me right up.
    • Any scene with Edna.
    • Long, running battle across Syndrome's island with the whole family.
    • Final battle in the city.
    The film's main strengths are the action sequences (which I'm beginning to think are one of the best uses for full CGI features, they even made Kung-Fu Panda vaguely enjoyable), and any part where normal family disputes are played against the characters' super-powers. Also, although, as I said, I don't much care for the character design in general, Violet is at least cute, if bland (if you disregard her needle-thin waist and legs).
  2. A little over a week ago I watched Gunbuster and Diebuster. Those looking to see these are always told "Make sure you watch Gunbuster first!" I kind of took it for granted that anybody would watch the first instalment in any series before the second, but upon watching them I fully understood why: Diebuster would be enjoyable by itself (it was directed by Kazuya Tsurukami, of FLCL fame), but watched following Gunbuster it's truly something else. It got me thinking very hard about the validity of relying on viewers having seen another work to create impact. The short answer: I think it is valid. However, it deserves a post of its own, whenever I can get round to it (this is what I was referring to in my last entry; the "test" was to get a friend to watch it and see what he thought, but this was scuppered somewhat when we didn't have time to marathon all of both of them).
  3. I also watched K-On! recently, more because I was curious about this massively overhyped show than because I really wanted to. I made a delightful little video expressing my thoughts which you can see here on my super secret other Youtube account. Well actually I didn't find it as offensively unenjoyable as the video implies, but it was about as bland, uninspired, formulaic, and insincere an anime as I've ever watched in its entireity. I wonder if the manga is as bad (probably). I don't think the show's really worth a blog entry by itself but I've also been thinking alot about moƩ and the slice-of-life genre as a whole lately. When I've watched more of the stuff (maybe not soon, since I'm rather busy at the moment) and have my thoughts a bit mroe collected hopefully I'll make some writings.

That's all.

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unsummon said...

I really like the conceptual stuff for the incredibles, and I actually really like all the bits set in the suburbs. There's something about that island setting that for some reason really bored me.

You remember the first five minutes of Kung Fu Panda? I actually don't know if that was just some crazy rendering or conventional animation or some sort of combination of the two, but I remember the horrible sinking feeling when the dream sequence ends and you see Po's generic dreamworks face. Le sigh.