Thursday, 8 April 2010

iPad "review"

In which I don't promise things and then deliver them anyway (two things if off-screen promises are counted). Including an ACTUAL ATTACK ON ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL. With luck this will elevate the status of this blog from "fart in the wind" to "sort of controversial". If I get just one or even two angry comments from Apple apologists I'll be really happy.

I could express myself so much more accurately and concisely in text but apparently people (my sad friends) are amused by my talking so video blogging it is. It's the future, people!


Felix Mitchell said...

this is lol. i share your view on how useless it is, although to save my blood pressure i try not to care too much about what douchebags spend their money on. i figure the thing most people who will buy the ipad will have one thing in common, in that they have more money than sense and don't have to worry about getting actual functionality from things they buy. if it was being sold to poorer people who could only just afford it and needed it to do things then I might be as outraged as you. 'Guy on nightbus' wasting his money is not something that troubles me generally :)

Joe Sparrow said...

u mad

kewdle said...

I love you! You have just articulated everything I have never been able to about the iPad.

Drunk Si said...

Nice! Although your video has actually had the adverse effect of making me more interested in Apple Soldier than yourself; I wonder if he has a blog?

Love your voice btw.