Wednesday, 2 June 2010


So Youtube's Insight functionality is actually pretty cool.

Apparently this is the "Hottest" part of my graduation film.
And the views spiked sharply on 8th January 2009 when it was linked on this Polish website whose purpose I cannot actually figure out even with Google Translate.

So thanks to them!

I went to see Mamoru Hosoda's Summer Wars at the Barbican recently. It was really good! Exactly how a summer blockbuster should be done (albeit it was apparently released in August), with enjoyable action, an appealing cast, and a simple but engaging story, while also having a thematic consistency, cleverness, and honesty that makes it genuinely more than just shallow entertainment. True multiple-demographic appeal.

I saw it at the Barbican because they were having a "Japanimation" festival sort of thing with other stuff on. The only other thing I bothered to see though was Dante's Inferno, which was a bit shit, to be honest. I could've watched a Bluray rip of this months ago, I just kept putting it off, though maybe I should've since the screening quality was actually really bad: dot crawl, chromatic artifacts, blurriness, low resolution, gah! Though there was a nice intro by Helen McCarthy, apparently an "anime expert" in more than just name, which gave a bit of a better perspective on Hosoda's career leading up to this film.

I also watched the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street a couple of weeks ago, which was REALLY shit.

Oh yeah, I also went to the MCM Expo last weekend. I didn't even know about it until about two days before when a friend who I never get to see said she was coming down for it, so I figured why not? I had no intention of buying anything, nor did I actually do so. I did spend some time coveting a couple of rather nice-looking Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha figures that were there, though they were in the £80+ range, and while I don't exactly go out of my way to hide my power-level, anime figures represent an event-horizon I don't intend to cross any day soon.

I spent most of the time just being amused by all the cosplayers. And also annoyed that the vast majority were of Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, K-On, Haruhi, Final Fantasy and various other series that I either don't care for, or have seen enough cosplay of without having even gone to cons (also, out of all the One Piece cosplayers, I only saw three who weren't Luffy). Would a good Gunbuster or Aria or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei cosplay kill anybody? Actually, even if they did it badly it would've been nice to have seen some more variety. (All this said, I did actually see a guy cosplaying as Nozomu)

Or maybe something awesome I haven't even seen yet (Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Birdy the Mighty, Space Captain Harlock). I suppose it's silly to bemoan that anime fans (at least the sort that go to cons, and that live in the UK) largely only like the same core set of popular series, since I know that already. And even sillier to expect them only to cosplay as characters from series I like. Huur.

If I were to ever cosplay I'd probably do it as Tetsuo from Akira because I could actually do it plausibly (I have a receding hairline, and could manage similar hair, all I'd need is a good mechanical arm). Akira is mainstream as fuck but it's actually awesome and cosplay for it isn't all that common.
Though I don't think I could beat this guy.

How did a post about a nifty Youtube feature end up being about cosplayers? Who fuckin' knows?

How could I forget to post this?

I think it was actually a girl in here, maybe? Anyhow, there were two of them, this and a black one. I've never been much into Gundam, but I know this was Wing Zero from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, but I've no idea about the other one. Very cool nonetheless.

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