Monday, 27 May 2013


I haven't done an "excuses for why I'm not posting" post in a while, and this is actually premature by the standards of my usual hiatuses, but I actually have like two whole things I want to write but have fallen into extreme levels of busyness until 17th June. However, once that's done I'm going to be turning down any and all paid work for about two months because I have started drawing a comic and I desperately want to finish it. I have been motivated to do this by my frequently mentioned friend Joe Sparrow who's been doing his Omnipathy series for a good couple of years now, and more recently by Adam Vian whose comic Long Lost Lempi I bought at the recent MCM Expo. They are both great. As for mine, you don't get to see even a thumbnail from a storyboard because right now it's horrible. I think it's a little bit less horrible than this thing I doodled at some other expo I attended with Joe recently.

Hopefully in the space of two months I will be able to continue to improve it and it might even be not horrible at all at the end of it. Maybe it'll even be finished! Here's hoping. Once again I can't end a post gracefully so I'm just going to stop here awkwardly .

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