Sunday, 21 February 2010

In the absence of a real entry because I'm busy.

All of two episodes in and Potemayo is already by far the most emasculating experience of my entire life.

And, as anybody who reads this blog knows, I like some embarassingly cutesy shit.

On that note, the third season of Hidamari Sketch is a huge disappointment. More on that later. Because I know you love it.

Also, random images of other things I've watched lately.
(actually rewatching) Another moe art animu... but a very different one!

Moe baseball with no cheeky mouths.

Social commentary and pretty colours.

Re-used footage followed by THE MOST MIND-BOGGLINGLY OVERBLOWN FINAL BATTLE EVER. (also "The drills are pointing up!" More on that later as well, maybe)

I would totally have done a scathing review of Avatar by now, but I just can't be bothered to go and see it. I'm sorry. If I even had the time I'd go see Ponyo instead, but that seems to have a very limited showing (cunts), and those few cinemas may not even be screening it anymore by next weekend when I'll be free!

To add to the "What I've been X-ing recently" list, lately I have been listening to Alarm Will Sound's covers of Aphex Twin (got it on right now, in fact), and lots of Susumu Yokota and Boards of Canada.

Oh, I also rewatched Laputa recently. It's basically Nausicaa + Kiki's Delivery Service + Porco Rosso + maybe Lupin III but I'd forgotten how FUN it was. GAR women and children. Moe robots. Driving on train tracks. Fuck yeah.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

As requested by an anonymous fan: Twilight (movie) video review.

Yes, I know, Twilight is so two years ago, but I did promise. I also feel like I have killed a part of myself by actually doing a video blog, but I suppose what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

Features several minutes of me going "um", "er", "like", "you know", and "I mean", a few surprises, and more empty promises. I considered putting some pleasant or funny music underneath it but I decided I don't need any help to look pretentious. I didn't remember everything I wanted to say, but you get the general idea.

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