Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I wish I were as good as Ed Benedict.. Or Carlo Vinci

Been quiet on here lately. Here's an update.

Work has been very thin for me as of late. Without things to do my mind rots so I've taken up some unpaid freelance work on the side. I don't know if the guy I'm doing it for would want me posting the work up on here but I've been doing lots of studies of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons for reference, since I'm using that sort of style (justifiably! I don't want people thinking I'm a rip-off merchant), so those'll go up on the Studies Blog in due time. Actually I'm well overdue to post up the Preston Blair studies I did while I had no scanner, aren't I? Those'll be included too.

My new computer's hard-drive died after just under a month of use (thanks, Samsung). It took me over a week and-a-half to get a replacement (which I ordered for next day delivery...actually I technically still haven't got it, as I just ended up ordering it from somewhere else and getting it next day). I spent most of that time climbing the walls and chewing my toes. At least I think I did, my memory of that time is rather hazy.

I'm going to the Kingston University animation/illustration degree show in Shoreditch in a minute. Hopefully some of my friends will actually be there, as I've been a bit of a recluse lately.

The desktop background slideshow feature of Windows 7 is the shit.

Might do a movie review on here tomorrow as I recently watched Makoto Shinkai's 2007 film 5 Centimetres Per Second. Then again it wasn't actually as interesting as I expected so maybe I won't. I did rewatch My Neighbours the Yamadas, though, and I like that alot more so maybe I'll talk about that instead.

Since I hate to make a post without any pretty pictures, here's a postcard my friend Yoshimi sent us from the Rumiko Takahashi exhibition in Japan.I love the colours in this. Also Urusei Yatsura is awesome. So is Ranma 1/2. I ought to pick them up again (when I have money), it's been years since I read either of them properly.

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