Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy Birthday to my sister!

Today my dear sister Kirsty turns 23. She is in performance arts and works with the BAC and I am really really proud of her because she is always doing amazing things and doesn't seem to know how to stop being productive.

You should go and read her blog, Ignore the Forecast, and read about the Peter Pan bedroom she made at the Evening Standard. She was also on BBC news with it but I don't think it's on the iPlayer anymore. She also made a thing called The Tree of Lost things on which you hang little memos detailing things you've lost, which was very nice. I always find it a little difficult to explain to people what she does, and sometimes I'm not even sure myself (she's the kind of person you can play the "guess my job" game with for a very long time), but whatever it is she's doing she can do it for as long as she wants because she's my lovely sister and I love her.

<3 <3 <3

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