Thursday, 28 March 2013

Urist Copperbeard and Tulk

Mine and Joe Sparrow's characters from a Pathfinder campaign we recently finished (Pathfinder is essentially D&D 3.5.5). Urist was Joe's lawful-good dwarf cleric/monk, and the healer/buffer of the group. Tulk was my sullen, misanthropic chaotic-good Half-orc rogue (with a level of ranger that never actually did anything before the end of the campaign). They were a bit of a clash of personalities, but somehow Tulk seemed to end up taking alot of damage every fight (I am not a very good rogue) and thus constantly had to submit himself to the indignity of Urist's healing.

We achieved what I would call a "normal end" to the campaign: we'd killed the Big Bad, but we didn't retrieve the artifact it was our mission to get back because all but two of our party died. Urist was one of those, but unfortunately he was stranded in the astral plane, and the other, having acquired the Jewel of Everlasting Gold, was forever enslaved to its power. Yes, Tulk died (he bled to death, a little ignoble). It was fun overall, but I never really felt sure how to play Tulk as a character, so hopefully I'll do better in future campaigns.

Joe's design is his own, of course. He makes him look much more stylish than I do. :( It's a bit of a shame I only actually settled on a design for Tulk after the campaign ended, but I spent alot of time just sort of umming and ahhing over it. I guess I'm reasonably happy with it. Though I think what's meant to be rashes probably just looks like purple blood splats or mud or something. Also I maybe made him a bit overly blue, but the description of half-orcs says that they're green to greyish, and green orcs are too obvious so I just went right to the opposite end of the spectrum.

There were alot of fun moments in our campaign, so I might draw a few more. We'll see.

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