Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas all!

I've been insufferably lazy lately. I'm currently at the family house ("family" in this case consisting of my mum, my sister, and the retarded cat) having just celebrated Christmas. I'll return to my own lodgings in Stokie on the 27th, most likely (after shouting at Barclays for conning me out of lots of money, but that's another story), and I think once I do that I'll blitz through all the remaining festival posts as fast as possible, as I know people probably don't care about them THAT much, and I do of course have tons of other more interesting things to blog about.

Speaking of which, this is what I got for christmas, sorted by category and in alphabetical order by author, because I know you're all dying to know:

The Bug - Pressure; Deerhoof - Milk Man (apparently Reveille is coming too, I was spoiled!); Juno Reactor - Labyrinth; kid606 - ps I love you.
Kiyohiko Azuma - Azumanga Daioh complete collection (DVD boxset with Chiyo notepad and pencil, hell yeah!); Junji Ito - Uzumaki vol. 3 and Gyo vol. 1: The Death Stench Creeps (I kind of want to do an analysis of these two, actually, it was interesting to read them after John K's recent posts on "itchy" drawing); Hayao Miyazaki - NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind vol. 3.
Metal Slug Anthology (PS2)
Stocking stuff:
A bunch of Lush items; Gloves; Socks; After Eight mints oh god yes.

We had pheasant for dinner, but not before watching the new Wallace and Gromit, which was pretty cool, though not able to top The Wrong Trousers, or my personal favourite A Grand Day Out. Christmas has felt a bit of a non-event for me this year, probably due to it occuring right in that most uncertain time of life, between finishing uni and finding really steady work. However, I'm still happy, and hopefully everybody reading this will have had a very enjoyable Christmas (or whatever other seasonal holiday you may celebrate)!

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