Monday, 15 December 2008

Plug for a friend

Another intermediate post, I just want to plug some work done recently by a couple of mates of mine.Ben Wright and Will Milton, who studied in the year above me at Kingston, were commissioned by Nickelodeon a while ago to produce a few shorts on bullying as part of their "See Something Say Something" season. They aired during November, and while I sadly don't get the right channels and wasn't able to watch them on TV, Ben recently linked me to them online, and I was pretty impressed and wanted to give them a bit more exposure.

The format is similar to work they've done before with Bold Creative, using interviews with young people as source material to animate to (topics addressed in the work Ben and Will did previously included homelessness and race relations). Their previous stuff had clearly been done with very little time and possibly limited creative freedom, but these are Ben and Will in full swing. I can nitpick a bit (I feel the characters could have been more appealing and young-looking, and sometimes the acting competes a bit with the voices rather than supplementing it) but they're really lovely and even touching shorts with some very nice animation (Ben did the hand-drawn elements, Will did the 3D parts and presumably the compositing too, that is presuming they're still working the same way they have in the past). Unfortunately Mark's story seems to be down at the moment but do check out the other three.

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