Sunday, 22 February 2009

I'm drunk

Just had a belated birthday drink up and felt like I owed the world an entry as thoughts are in my head.

Me and my friend and infinitely respected peer Matt Layzell exchanged words in the lower floor of Bar Kick, and got our paired heads buzzing with thoughts on what we're gonna do with our careers. We both feel a general dissatisfaction with the animation industry as it is now, but it became apparent that we have some very conflicting views (he overall liked Waltz with Bashir and feels animation should be able to be more like just a different lens on a camera or something, I dunno, shit I'm still drunk) but this makes me excited. I hope that in five or ten years our different views will have led us to make advances in completely different directions in the field. Maybe we won't but shit we're gonna start something. It's gonna be really interesting.

I'm gonna study like hell and really improve my construction drawing. I got the Preston Blair book for my birthday, and just did my first studies from it, even though I'm drunk. Here's the picture proof.

Yeah, starting at the very beginning. Once I'm happy with my Preston Blair studies (HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES) I'll start drawing from actual Looney Tunes cartoons, as well as some of the fantastic comic book covers John K posts on his blog from time-to-time. I might post some of them on here, or I might start a seperate blog for them if I deem it worth it. We'll see.

I actually only have one more festival to make an entry on: exposures. That's coming. Soon.

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