Saturday, 28 February 2009

Please Say Something

David O' Reilly, who I mentioned before, recently released his 10-minute short series Please Say Something publicly, having shown it at the 59th Berlinale festival and won the Golden Bear for best short film. He says spread it around, so I'm spreading it!

It's touching, experimental, honest, funny, sad, beautiful, ugly, intense, serene, and many other things. You may not like it. That's fine. But I love it and think you should watch it.

There's also a very brief interview with the man on BoingBoing, in which he reveals that he cut out the rendering process entirely by using only viewport previews. THIS MAN IS A GENIUS.

Today I just finished a fairly big job so I'll give you the long-promised exposures festival entry very soon. And more construction studies over the weekend and next week.

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