Sunday, 22 March 2009

I saw Persepolis yesterday.

I've been wanting to see Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis for ages, and yesterday the roulette of my Lovefilm rental queue finally allowed me to. I have to say, I liked it! Much better than Waltz With Bashir, that's for sure.
I won't say too much, since the films 2 years old by now and people have probably heard most things that could be said about it already. I'm not always sure about drawings like this, since figures and movements can tend to look stiff and mechanical, especially when the thing takes itself too seriously (hello Waltz), but there was a sense of humour and whimsy about the whole thing that carried through to the animation, and I thought it worked very well. Occasionally I felt some accents could be stronger or faster, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also I find young Marjanne to be infectiously cute (I never quite understand why, but sparse styles like this make young characters really appealing for me). I also felt it was graphically stronger than Waltz, at all levels of the hierarchy (that is, from the whole image right down to individual characters).

Also, I've belatedly started another blog for constructions studies and other such hoo-ha here. Maybe I will post some more soon. Who can tell?

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