Sunday, 26 April 2009

I'm not very good at this "blogging" thing, am I?

So what have I been doing for the past month?

I had a bit of work with my good mates at Treat Studios but other than that I've found that the age of "getting work for no effort" has passed and I must actually go looking, thus I have been putting my showreel together. I've now got 10 delicious DVDs which I will be passing out to London studios on Monday, hopefully (if I can get my act together and do covering letters for all of them today). My efforts were hampered a little by my long-suffering laptop finally dying, but I've at least got a spare computer so I'm not completely sunk.

I also haven't done any construction studies for the past few weeks as, if I'm honest, after the ones I posted last I actually started getting worse, and got so depressed I gave up. I finally started doing more again today, but sadly can't post any for now as I can't get this computer to work with my scanner (but it'll print fine, oddly).

In other news: I saw The Boat That Rocked (it was okay); watched the first disc of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection (there seem to be an awful lot of okay-but-not-amazing Friz Freling cartoons on that one); watched Lolita (Stanley Kubrick version, was awesome, very funny in a dark way); read all of Death Note (incredibly awesome, can't decide if I should bother with the anime, though); and have been watching Hidamari Sketch (maybe not the sort of thing I should admit to, but there's so many lovely games played with colour, graphic design, and editing that I might actually make a post about it, if I can summon up the courage to speak publicly about a moe high-school slice-of-life anime series).

Don't know if I'll have anything to report until after my trip to the Czech Republic on the 7th. Czech is a really goddamn difficult language, by the way.

Also check this out.

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